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Part of the cost-savings in the House reconciliation bill would come from reducing the amount of disproportionate share hospital (“DSH”) payments Medicare makes to hospitals that serve a disproportionate number of low income people. As enacted by the Senate, the health reform bill replaces the existing DSH adjustment

The Kaiser Family Foundation has published a table that compares the provisions in the House- and Senate-passed  bills and in President Obama’s recent proposal.  You can download it here. For just the key provisions affecting Medicare program, see this link.

The Commonwealth Fund has developed interactive tables for side-by-side comparisons of the system reforms and insurance coverage provisions in the two health reform bills.  After clicking on the link, check the box for the House bill or the Senate bill (both if you want to see a comparison), then click on the subject matter that […]

Health reform isn’t just about insurance reform.  If enacted, it is likely that health reform will provide a major boost to primary care health resources for underserved communities. Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) are locally-based community health centers designed to provide primary care to medically underserved areas and populations and to

Here is an interesting comparison of the House and Senate bills prepared by Tri-Committee House staff; budget and coverage data are from the Congressional Budget Office or the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Under health reform, federal law would finally require private health insurance companies to pay hospitals that treat real medical emergencies for that care.

The law firm of Mintz Levin has published a nice summary of provisions in the House and Senate bills intended to combat fraud and abuse.   See it here.

The bill passed by the Senate on December 24 keeps intact the immediately-effective consumer protections outlined in my first post on this blog and makes one of them stronger. As initially proposed, the Senate bill required health insurers to file annual reports showing the percentage of total premium revenue spent on – (a)      direct healthcare […]

The link to the Senate Bill (H.R. 3590) is now to the final version of the bill, as passed by the Senate December 24, 2009.

To the extent that searching for particular section numbers in the Senate Democrats’ “Managers’ Amendment” can justify such a conclusion, I have determined that none of the materials in my recent posts relating to nursing homes would be affected by the new version of the bill.