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One of the most far-reaching innovations in the PPACA is the creation of an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which will allow changes in Medicare reimbursement rules to be fast-tracked starting in 2015.  The purpose of the IPAB is to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.

Effective immediately, the annual market basket updates are being reduced for 15 different types of Medicare services.  The statute expressly provides, as to each of the following services that, as a result of these adjustments, a provider’s or supplier’s annual percentage increase,  may be less than zero percent in a fiscal year and thus may […]

I have updated the following posts to focus on changes for nursing homes that are contained in the newly enacted health reform statute – Improving quality and regulatory compliance in nursing homes Making it easier for the public to understand about quality of care in nursing homes

While we all watch and wait to see if the Reconciliation Bill passes the Senate, I’m going to focus on what’s in the legislation that has been enacted so far — H.R. 3590 (formerly called the “Senate Bill”), which has passed both chambers of Congress. At the risk of  verging into the political sphere,  it […]

The Commonwealth Fund has developed interactive tables for side-by-side comparisons of the system reforms and insurance coverage provisions in the two health reform bills.  After clicking on the link, check the box for the House bill or the Senate bill (both if you want to see a comparison), then click on the subject matter that […]

To the extent that searching for particular section numbers in the Senate Democrats’ “Managers’ Amendment” can justify such a conclusion, I have determined that none of the materials in my recent posts relating to nursing homes would be affected by the new version of the bill.

Effective Compliance and Ethics Programs Most healthcare providers are not required by current law to have broad-based compliance and ethics programs – although they are strongly encouraged. Under Healthcare Reform, the HHS Secretary in consultation with the Office of Inspector General (OIG ) must adopt regulations requiring nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and “nursing […]

Consumer website “Nursing Home Compare” is a website operated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that runs the Medicare and Medicaid programs, in order to provide information obtained through the government’s regular oversight of nursing home operations and quality to consumers. Under the new Health Reform statute, there will […]

Current law provides that the federal government can impose civil money penalties on a nursing home found to have violated various quality, safety or operational standards.  The House bill would replace the existing penalties of up to $10,000 per day with a sliding scale for per-day violations, as follows – Where there is a finding […]

CMS has for a number of years operated a pilot program whereby 7 States (AK, ID, IL, MI, NV, MN, WI) conducted comprehensive background checks on potential direct-patient-access employees of long-term care facilities.  Both the House and Senate bills would extend this program “nationwide” – with the proviso that for it to be applicable to […]